About The Retreat Rooms

About The Retreat Rooms


Jemma & Jane - Owners

After months of hard work we finally opened the doors to our dream salon on 21st April 2015 and that was the beginning of the wonderful journey of The Retreat Rooms.

Having been friends for many years and with a shared passion for beauty and holistics (along with a love for interior design) it only felt right to join forces to kick-start our dream project.

With already having our own self-run businesses (Jane Elizabeth Beauty & Heavenly Holistics) we both had bigger dreams and soon realised there was more out there to be achieved. With plenty of ideas on creating the perfect salon - and our eyes firmly on the property market - we quickly saw the potential at 14 Church Road.

After many chats over many vino's, our plans of a joint venture started to fall into place and The Retreat Rooms quickly became a reality.

With lots of blood sweat and tears along with plenty of 18 hour days, copious amounts of paint, furniture store trips and a good few glasses of bubbly we opened the doors to The Retreat Rooms 4 weeks after signing on the dotted line.

Within the first year of opening, the business grew quicker than we ever dreamt of and soon realised more hands were needed to keep up with the high demands of all our lovely new clients that were coming through the doors.

This is where our wonderful therapists come in. We are so lucky to have such a great bunch of girls working within our team, they are all fabulous in their own ways and we treasure each and everyone of them. Their hard work and dedication is truly appreciated and we wouldn’t be where we are today without them.

We are big believers that it is the little things that count... in life, in love and in business and hopefully you will be able to see this in our little hub of beauty and holistics that we call The Retreat Rooms.

We look forward to pampering you soon.

Much love

Jemma & Jane

Our Wonderful Therapists


Olivia - Beauty Therapist

Pascale, Beauty Therapist/Manager

Pascale joined our team in March 2019 and what an asset to the team she has been.

She has a real passion for the industry and gives 100% in all that she does. She is qualified in Level 2 & 3 beauty, and also specialises in Intimate Waxing, Pregnancy Massage, Threading, HD Brows and CACI non-surgical facelifts. Pascale completed her ESPA training in August 2019 and her massages have been going down a treat ever since! She has recently qualified as an Alumier skincare specialist and now offers skincare consultations and peels.

Pascale is a much-loved therapist by all staff and clients and has a wealth of knowledge within the beauty industry. With her friendly and caring nature, it is clear to see why she is a much-loved member of The Retreat Rooms. She has a long and loyal client base so make sure you book well in advance.

Megan - Beauty Therapist

Megan, Beauty Therapist

Meg has been with us since March 2018 and fitted straight into life at The Retreat Rooms. With her adorable personality, love of fine wines, garden shows and Latin and American dancing you will have plenty to talk about!

Megan is qualified in level 2 & 3 beauty therapy and has a real passion for beauty and all things holistic. After a year of intense study and we are thrilled to announce Meg is a fully qualified reflexologist and with 100 hours of case studies completed, this is by no means an easy course.

Her feedback has been fantastic, and we are certain she is going to make a fabulous reflexologist. Megan is also qualified as an ESPA therapist and loves nothing more than helping clients feel better with her healing hands. She has recently become an Alumier skincare specialist where she offers one on one skin consultations and skin peels. 

Tracey - Beauty Therapist

Tracey, Beauty Therapist

With her caring nature, friendly personality and 24 years of wealth and knowledge in the beauty industry, it is easy to see why we are so thrilled to have Tracey join our team. 
On top of being an absolute pro in the beauty industry she is also a Mummy to two gorgeous little ones Isla and Eddie. 

Tracey has a real passion for massage and facials and loves nothing more than watching her clients float out of her treatment room! 

Tracey is one of our CACI non-surgical facelift specialists, the go to facial for those wanting fantastic results the natural way. She has also qualified as an Alumier skincare specialist where she offers one to one skin consultations and skin peels. With a very long and loyal client base you will have to grab her while you can! 

Olivia - Beauty Therapist

Natalya, Beauty Therapist

Natalya is our newest member of the team and joined us in September 2020 after our first lockdown. She has fitted right into life at The Retreat Rooms and has been a big hit with both clients and our girls.

She has a very sweet and caring nature and has such a passion for the beauty industry. She is Level 2&3 beauty trained and also specialises in intimate waxing & LVL Lashes. She has now completed her exams and has qualified as a Alumier skin specialist.

If you want to discuss anything from your skin concerns, lash lifts, nails and peels then Natalya is your girl...oh and she also has a real soft spot for cats, especially her own little fur ball Narla!

Lauren -  Therapist

Lauren, Beauty Therapist

Lauren is our youngest member of our team and joined The Retreat Rooms as our apprentice in August 2019.

She is currently at Macclesfield College where she has recently completed her level 2 beauty therapy and is now making good headway on her level 3. She is already receiving great reviews from clients and is well on her way to making a great beauty therapist.

When Lauren isn't busy perfecting nails you will find her in her marigolds, as she loves nothing more than a good clean...we have our very own Mrs Hinch!

Lauren's sweet and caring nature and passion for the beauty industry makes her a great member of our team.

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